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9 Posts That Only People Who Belong to a Helena Classified’s Facebook Group Will Relate To

Updated: May 18, 2018

Storytelling by Whitney Mitchell

Like most communities, Helena has a handful of popular Facebook classifieds groups. Some of these groups are labeled "Manly Stuff" and "Wedding Things," and people sell and make deals all day long, every day. Online garage sales aside, at the heart of these groups lies a community forum: the good, the bad, the unnecessary, and the helpful.

Here's a short list of posts that anyone belonging to one of these groups is likely to relate to after reading themselves a time or two. Have more to add? Comment below!

1. Literally, every time it snows (so basically, every day of winter 2018)...

2. Helena Facebook Classifieds...aka, Helena's premier recruiting platform

3. It's a small town, can ya really blame them?

(Psst...for the record, we don't condone lookie-loo's. It's dangerous for all involved.)

4. Pretty sure I've made this post myself as well...

5. Okay, as a lover of animals this one makes me sad...but these posts are made all. the. time. Missing, lost and found, looking for owner posts - you're breaking our hearts!

6. In all the Facebook classifieds groups I've belonged to before moving to Helena, I never searched for a place to live...but hey, it seems to work here so why not?!

7. It takes a village, amiright?

8. Y'all, this might be one of the hardest parts of relocating: saying good bye to your trusted hair dresser and starting the process of finding a new one.

9. And finally...

(P.S. There are apps that can tell you the answer too, if you like.)

Let us know about your own experiences by commenting below, or tag us on Facebook or Instagram when you visit the shops. Tell us about all the fun things to do in Helena, MT that you enjoy!

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