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What's Hoppin’ at the 5 Breweries in Helena

Updated: May 18, 2018

Storytelling by Julia Bryant-Barrantes

Beer. Beer. Beer!

Helena is home to four, soon to be five breweries and let me tell you we’ve lucked out with some of the best digs in the state. Now most people have grown accustomed to their favorite brewery and they take their loyalty seriously, but when it comes to Montana beer, it’s hard to find a bad pour. Whether you are hopped up on IPA or like the occasional oatmeal stout, Helena is bustlin’ with breweries from the northside to our downtown. We know what’s up when it comes to good brews and things to do in Helena, MT.

Here’s a run-down for where to go for the Ultimate Helena Brewery Crawl:

Blackfoot River Brewery

The Tap Room is small enough that you are forced into some social situations, and it’s fantastic. Upstairs, on the patio you’ll soak in a magnificent view of Mount Helena and easy access to another tap bar (they really care about your beer intake here). Four stars for their Organic Porter (I’m biased to darks) and nothing beats their salty popcorn with a cold one. Blackfoot River Brewery is located at 66 S Park Ave across from the Lewis and Clark Library.

Ten Mile Creek Brewery

The atmosphere in here is unreal! Seriously it’s the best space for a big gathering of friends, family, or co-workers or better yet to pull up a bar stool and get into a heated game of Settlers of Catan. The owners are local buddies that are regularly behind the bar, pouring and sharing small talk – Ten Mile Creek Brewery is all about that community feel. If you’re lucky enough to be there when their famous “Grass” beer is on tap, be sure to grab a growler to-go. It’s a hot commodity!

Oh, and they sell Kombucha on tap too. Gluten Free? Yeah, they’ve got you covered. Check out their space at 48 N Last Chance Gulch, right at the start of the walking mall.

Lewis And Clark Brewery

Big time brewery with the small-town charm you know and love. It’s HUGE! The space seems to go on and on and they’ve got an upstairs too just in case you need more room to drink your beer. Lots of options here for the beer-connoisseur who likes to jump from darks to lights and a definite emphasis on IPA’s, which is why my husband always insists on going here.

They’ve got entertainment down to a T. For those who complain that there is nothing to do in Helena, surely you’ve missed this massive brewery located off N Montana Avenue or on your Facebook feed. They are constantly hosting events here, from live music to comedy nights.

And for the foodies, this brewery features a full-kitchen with damn good pizzas and gourmet hot dogs. #GetInMyBelly What could be better? PSA – It’s a great idea to stop at L & C Brewery in the middle of your crawl to add some food to the mix.

SnowHop Brewery

This is one of our newest breweries in Helena, located off McHugh Ln. near the Helena Athletic Club. They’ve got a modern warehouse feel that adds something unique to the Helena crawl. They have a Vanilla Stout that I’m in love with and a smokey wheat beer - The Grodziskie - that makes you really start craving a BLT.

Crooked Furrow Brewery

The up-and-comer! I’m psyched to try this new brewery out. They will be opening their doors in the next couple months and man just from their Facebook posts you can see the heart and soul the owners are putting into their space, including wooden tables reclaimed from their family farms. Badass! Keep on the lookout for their grand opening at their new location, 2801 N. Roberts St.

Montana ranks #2 in microbreweries per capita and Helena is proof of that. Breweries are huge economic engines; the more we support our local merchants the more our city thrives. The New York Times published a piece this past February on how craft breweries are reviving local economies, and it’s spot on! Montana has seen the impact across our great state and the jolt from microbreweries in rural Montana as well.

“Across the country, in once-bustling manufacturing centers, breweries are giving new fizz to sleepy commercial districts… a force for good.” – C.J. Hughes, New York Times, How Craft Breweries Are Helping to Revive Local Economies

Thank your local brewer and enjoy some excellent made in Montana beer. Cheers!

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Maybe you're not in the mood for a beer? Visit one of the local coffee shops in town.

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