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Helpful Ways to Find Out About Things Going on in Helena

Updated: May 18, 2018

Storytelling by Whitney Mitchell

Although I grew up in Central Montana, I spent little time in Helena. Every few years, I visited when my grandpa was a district house rep in the 1990’s and I paged in the legislature a few times in high school. Once I competed in a state track meet and spent a week at Carroll College during Girls State, but that was it. So, when my husband and I moved here two years ago, I didn’t really know anything about my new home city.

Google was my best friend when I first moved to Helena, but I still sought out a local’s perspective. I frequently texted a cousin who lived here previously and asked her about events, restaurants, things to do, and so forth. However, not everyone moves to Helena knowing people to contact. Part of the reason I started this website is to help connect people, who are new to town, with the resources that are helpful in getting acquainted with Helena. Below are a few resources – and one brand new one – I relied on when I first moved to Helena.

Local Tours Being a history nerd, I was pleased to stumble across the Last Chance Tour Train. Helena’s history is rich, and the Last Chance Tour Train will captivate you with mystery, folklore, and glamorous lifestyles (be sure to drive through Helena’s Mansion District). I also knew I’d want to revisit the Gates of the Mountains boat tour from my childhood to take in the plunging cliffs, natural history, and optical illusion with my husband.

Hometown Helena Confession: I’ve never attended a Hometown Helena meeting, but my husband does. This weekly meeting of Helena locals is open to the public and held at The Montana Club at 7:00 am every Thursday morning. The only fee is to pay for your cup of coffee! Hometown Helena is an excellent way to get a feel for the initiatives and issues going on in Helena, and the organizations working together to bring solutions and betterment to the community.

Visit Helena, Montana Shortly after moving here in May 2016, I began noticing “Selfie Spots” around town. These are large decals placed strategically in scenic areas throughout Helena by an organization called Visit Helena, Montana. What’s awesome about Visit Helena is that this website has hundreds of ideas on things to do, try, and experience when you’re in Helena. It’s a great resource to go back to and fill your social calendar with ideas that’ll keep you meeting new people.

The Helena Area Chamber of Commerce Being that my husband is a small business owner, we knew we wanted to get involved with this group and make connections with fellow business-minded people in the community. The Chamber is frequently hosting events, such as Wisdom Wednesdays and Breakfast Before/After Hours, that bring together Helena’s professionals in a fun and engaging networking environment.

The Local – Helena Hot off the press, this magazine published their first issue in April 2018 and although it wasn’t available when I relocated, the magazine is jam packed with helpful info for locals, tourists, and transplants. The annually published magazine is nearly 100 pages featuring the best of Helena’s restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, and things to do. The Local is available to pick up at Helena's businesses, hotels, real estate offices, and organizations. Physical copies can also be requested on The Local website.  This magazine will become a helpful resource for those looking for ideas on some of Helena’s best places to visit.

Helena is full of plenty of things to do during all times of the year and we’re happy to contribute to the resources available to tourists, transplants and locals. Our community is has many organizations that connect people with local businesses and activities. There are more resources not mentioned, so please comment below and tell us what you read and where you went to find info when you first moved here.

Let us know about your own experiences by commenting below, or tag us on Facebook or Instagram when you visit the shops.

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